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Policy Panel 1 Home Page

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Date: Thursday, May 2, 2013

Time: 10:15AM-11:15AM

Room: Washington Room 1


Description: Recent Pew Research has shown that 95% of all teens use the internet, 58% of all adults own a cell phone and the ownership of tablets jumped from 18% in December 2012 to 29% in January 2013.  This phenomenal growth in personal devices has schools, libraries and businesses struggling to address Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the infrastructure needed to support it.  One school district reports over 16,000 devices connecting in a five minute period, strong evidence that Community Anchor Institutions (CAI’s) bandwidth needs far outpace that of a residential connection.  This panel will highlight BYOD initiatives including planning, policy and infrastructure needed for a successful outcome.


Moderator: Denise Atkinson-Shorey, President, e-Luminosity



  • Dave L. Williamson, CIO, Atlanta Public Schools


  • Keith Krueger, CEO, Coalition for School Networking (CoSN)


  • Robert Collie, CTO, Education Networks of America (ENA)



Speaker Bios:



Keith R. Krueger is CEO of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), a nonprofit organization that serves as the voice of K-12 school system technology leaders in North America.  CoSN’s mission is empowering educational leaders to leverage technology to realize engaging learning environments. 


In 2008 he was selected by eSchool News as one of ten people who have had a profound impact on educational technology over the last decade.


He serves on many Advisory Boards including eSchool News, the Education Committee of the National Park System, the Friday Institute at NC State University and the Wireless Reach Advisory Board. He is a past Board Member/Treasurer of the National Coalition on Technology in Education & Training (NCTET). 


Keith has a global reputation as a key thought leader and has organized senior level U.S. delegations to visit Australia, Asia, Europe and South America to examine best practice in ICT in education.


As a Certified Association Executive, he has extensive background in nonprofit management and has a Masters from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.





SHLB BYOD Panel 4 2013.pdf


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