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Building a Gigabit Nation

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SHLB Coalition 2014 Annual Conference

"Anchor Institutions, Gigabit Networks, Digital Communities" 

The Premier Conference on Anchor Institution Broadband Policy.

 May 7-9th, 2014

Marriott Marquis Hotel in Washington, D.C. 


Workshop #2

Date: Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Time: 1:30- 5:30 p.m. 

Room: Treasury




Building a Gigabit Nation 


Presenter: Craig Settles



The success of last-mile networks determines the ultimate success of NTIA-funded middle mile projects. This Workshop is specially designed for communities and private sector providers seeking to maximize BTOP broadband investments with effective local networks.  


National broadband strategist and consultant Craig Settles gives you special hands-on training in tactics you can begin implementing immediately.  The Workshop enable attendees to develop skills necessary for launching last-mile projects to broaden the reach of broadband networks and services throughout the community. 


In this session you will: 


  1. acquire constituent surveying and data gathering techniques that identify subscribers of last-mile services and potential network funders;
  2. review eight possible broadband funding options communities should assess to determine which one best meets their respective needs; and 
  3. learn how to develop a network pilot project that tests business model assumptions, creates a waiting list of subscribers, and attracts money for the full build-out.


This workshop is offered for $150 to the general public and $100 for anchor institutions and government employees.  Click here to register for the "Building a Gigabit Nation" Workshop and the SHLB Conference now. 



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