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E-rate Capital Investment

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SHLB Coalition 2014 Annual Conference

"Anchor Institutions, Gigabit Networks, Digital Communities" 

The Premier Conference on Broadband Politics and Policy.

 May 7-9th, 2014

          Marriott Marquis Hotel in Washington, D.C.


E-Rate #2

Date: Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Time: 11:15 a.m. -12:15 p.m   

Room: Capitol




E-rate Capital Investment


The FCC is considering how to obtain the most “bang for the buck” in the E-rate program in order to provide the greatest amount of bandwidth to schools and libraries at the least cost.  Some parties have proposed that a certain amount of E-rate funds should be allocated to support capital investment in long-term scalable infrastructure.  This panel will discuss their experience with capital investment programs and the feasibility of using E-rate funds to promote capital expenditures in addition to supporting operating expenditures.




Jen Leasure, The Quilt  




Emily Almond, Georgia Public Library Service

Jamie Huber, General Ed. Supervisor, Cheboygan-Otsego-Presque Isle Educational Service District in Indian River Michigan

Alan Katz, Sunesys




Also Happening on Wed. May 7: COSLA and NTIA Broadband Mapping (SBI) Meetings  
7-May Healthcare Connect Fund Consortia   Building a Gigabit Nation
FCC Matt Quinn, Clyburn? Christi Barnhart? Regulatory Compliance Craig Settles
  9 a.m. -5:30 p.m. USAC noon - 2 p.m. Jim Baller - Baller Herbst law firm  
Jeff Mitchell, Lukas Nace  
  1:30 - 5:30 Craig will design speakers and sponsors
  John Jim Rodgers, New England PCC/SBA Sustainability  
Kim Klupenger, Oregon Health network 2:30 - 6 p.m. Gwenn Weaver - NTIA  
    Etc.   She will organize speakers    
8-May E-rate #1 The $2 Billion Question: Funding for E-rate Wireless #1 White Spaces and CAIs Health #1 Building a Health Care Network - Part 1
Thursday Moderator: EdLiNC?  Moderator: Michael Calabrese, NAF? Moderator: Denise Atkinson-Shorey
10-11 a.m. Panelists: John Wilkins? Panelists: Microsoft  Panelists: Duke Horan, Henkels & McCoy
Emily Almond, GA Hybrid Network  
Mark DeFalco, Appalachian Reg'l Commission  
Randy Lowe, Davis,Wright & Tremaine
  Bob Quilt rep?  Don Annie Norman? Denise Kent Van Metre, Fiber Utilities Group
            John Honker, Magellan Advisors
8-May E-rate #2 E-rate Capital Investment Rural Broadband #1   Health #2 Building a Health Care Network - Part 2
Thursday Moderator:   Moderator:   Moderator: Denise Atkinson-Shorey
11:15-12:15 Panelists: Wisconsin? Panelists: RTC - Jane Patterson's group (she is away) Panelists: Duke Horan, Henkels & McCoy
Dark fiber provider?  
RBPG - Edyael Casaperalta?  
Randy Lowe, Davis,Wright & Tremaine
  John/Jen Susan Hildreth, IMLS Jennie Alaska OWL Project Denise Kent Van Metre, Fiber Utilities Group
            John Honker, Magellan Advisors
8-May BB Planning #1 State and Local BB Planning ConnectED #1 Private Sector Commitments to ConnectED Digital Inclusion #1 CAIs and the Digital Divide - Part 1
Thursday  Moderator: Connected Nation Moderator: Karen Perry Moderator: Laura Breeden, NTIA
2:15-3:15 Panelists: Rhode Island Panelists Msoft? Panelists: Stephen Rhody, ASR Analytics
Jon Gant, Center for Digital Inclusion
  Angela Minnesota Bob Sprint? Angela Kate Mossberger, Arizona State
8-May BB Planning #2 Community Broadband Planning BB  Mapping GIS Mapping and CAIs Digital Inclusion #2 CAIs and the Digital Divide - Part 2
Thursday Moderator: Phil Lindley, ConnectME Authority  Moderator: Jennie Stapp Moderator: Francine Alkisswani, NTIA
3:30-4:30 Panelists Joshua Broder, CEO, Tilson Panelists: Ken Wall, Geodata Services Panelists: Patrick Rose, Auburn
    Chris Tamarin, Oregon BB Outreach  
Stacey Aldrich, PA State Library  
Samantha Becker
  Jen Tim Scott, Axia Jennie   Angela Rodney Hopson, Duquesne
9-May E-rate #3 E-rate Benchmarks and Data Wireless #2 ? Digital Inclusion #3 Kansas City, Google, Digital Divide
Friday Moderator:  
Moderator: New America Foundation Moderator: Angela Siefer
9:45 - 10:45 Panelists: Funds for Learning Panelists device manufacturer (Qualcomm?) Panelists Rick Usher, Asst City Manager, Kansas City, MO
ULC Edge Benchmarks   education rep  
Crosby Kemper, Kansas City Public Library
  John Arizona Gov office? Denise mobile pulse Angela  
    Lisa Hone?   mobile beacon?    
9-May Gigabit Cities #1 Beyond BTOP: Partnerships for Gigabit Rural Broadband #2 Rural Broadband Experiments and the CAF Digital Inclusion #4 Marketing BB to the Home through CAIs
Friday Moderator: Susannah Spellman, USUCAN Moderator: Don Means Moderator: ZeroDivide
11:15- 12:15 Panelists: Brian Proffit, ZAYO Bandwidth Panelists: Jon Chambers?  Panelists Michael Santorelli, NYLaw School
Ken Barber, KINBER (PA)   Rural Coop?  
Richard Abisla, CETF, Mission California
  Bob UEN? ENA? Don Dan Lubar, Relay Services, White Sp. Alliance Jen Susan Walters
    Arizona Gov office?   R&E?   Luis Arteaga
Not Included (so far):  
  Cirrus Literacy - New Mexico - digital literacy training for Pueblos and others   
  New America Foundaion  - profiling, privacy  
  Community Technology Network - using volunteers to promote bb adoption        
  2d Connected Nation proposal - anchors and small businesses  
  2d Geodata proposal - successful use of GIS mapping in school curriculum in Swan Valley Montana  
  NTIA Digital Literacy Panel - including OECD assessments  
  Libraries and health - UK (Helen Milner)  
  everyone should access to the wiki  
  need bios and head shots  

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