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E-rate Benchmarks and Data

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SHLB Coalition 2014 Annual Conference

"Anchor Institutions, Gigabit Networks, Digital Communities" 

The Premier Conference on Broadband Politics and Policy.

 May 7-9th, 2014

Marriott Marquis Hotel in Washington, D.C. 

E-rate #3:

Date: Friday, May 9th, 2014

Time: 9:45-10:45 a.m.  

Room: Capitol




E-rate Benchmarks and Data 


The FCC is gathering and analyzing a range of data related to E-rate to set targets, inform what changes are needed, and make fact-based decisions about the future of this vitally important program.  This panel will discuss the current state (and limitations) of data related to broadband capacity, as well as E-rate program data. Research to be shared will include brand-new analysis by Funds for Learning of the most recent E-rate applications, as well as recent data gathered through the Edge Initiative and the Public Libraries and the Internet survey. 





Larra Clark, American Library Association




John Harrington, Funds for Learning

Jake Cowan, Urban Libraries Council

Mark Walker, FCC


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