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Joshua Broder

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Joshua Broder


Joshua Broder is the owner CEO of Tilson. Joshua has a diverse background in information technology, telecommunications, organizational leadership, and corporate growth as a former Army Signal officer, an industry consultant, and an executive. Joshua has led the planning, design and construction of several dozen fiber optic and wireless deployments throughout the country. Most recently, Joshua has worked as a principal consultant to the Maine Fiber Company, Inc. and the Massachusetts Broadband Institute to deploy large-scale, publicly funded fiber optic networks in rural Maine and Massachusetts. 


While in the U.S. Army, Joshua served as Operations Officer in charge of the tactical satellite communications network supporting U.S. and NATO Combat Forces and other U.S. Government agencies at 33 remote locations in Central Asia (Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan). Joshua was awarded the Bronze star for his tour in Afghanistan.

Joshua joined Tilson in 2007 as the third employee. Today, Tilson employs 100 people and has a worldwide practice, providing clients with cutting-edge consulting services.  Under Joshua’s leadership, Tilson has managed the planning, design, and construction of over a dozen telecommunications deployments throughout New England and the mid-Atlantic, including smart grid, fiber optic, and cellular LTE projects. Most recently, Joshua led Tilson’s efforts to support the Maine Fiber Company and the Massachusetts Broadband Institute as they deployed large-scale, publicly-funded fiber optic networks in rural Maine and Massachusetts respectively.

He has a B.A. in History from Middlebury College and is a Distinguished Military Graduate of the University of Vermont Military Studies program.


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